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1. I am very pleased to address you all as the MANAGING DIRECTOR of SAI SARASWATI INVESMENT PRIVATE LIMITED. It is my great pleasure to take this opportunity to work as a family member of the esteemed organization.

2. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of you and request to accept my GREETINGS & BEST WISHES of HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2073 BIKRAM SAMBAT. May this year bring all the dreams of SAI SARASWATI INVESMENT PRIVATE LIMITED become true in a sustainable way.

3. I would like to thank very much to the Respectable Chairman, Board Directors, Our valuable shareholders, Advisors and all SAI SARASWATI INVESMENT PRIVATE LIMITED for appointing me as the MANAGING DIRECTOR. I am feeling very much lucky to get associated with high level Professionals, which will assist me to drive the company as a successful TEAM LEADER. I am very optimistic to get your continuous support and needful guidance.

4. I am very grateful to obtain the opportunity to organize this program and be presented among the whole Board of Directors along with the Advisors and Senior Officials on this great occasion of encouragement and high morale. The presence of our high level personalities today will inspire me for devotion towards the organization.

5. At the first day of my entry, I would like to highlight that our objective would be to ensure that we focus on quality, quantity and inclusive growth in the coming days and shape our company as one that delivers quality, consistently while setting our sight on exceeding all stakeholder expectations.

6. I express my sincere commitment in-front you that our organization in Financial Year 2016 will make good progress on objectives and notably our key success will be seen in the area of national expansion in our footprint while we very much kept our eyes on key financial metrics of Return On Equity and cost to income, suggesting that our teams will be determined to ensure their productivity and efficiency in every sphere of work.

7. One most essential thing I would like to share our STAFF TEAM MEMBERS that You needn’t be worry about what you are getting from the company, You must only think what are you giving to the Company .The whole Board , GENERAL MANAGER and entire Management Team are always with you to fulfill your need and ensure your brighter future.

8. On this glorious occasion, we must set our revised Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives for better achievements in days to come. As we are planning to support entrepreneurs, who are struggling for finance and willing to create something new , and get their basic needs and THINK FOR BETTER NEPAL and WORK for GREATER NEPAL.

9. We must remember the quotation of Honorable SWAMI VIVEKANAND on this occasion: ARISE, AWAKE, STILL YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOAL. We are planning to start it from some projects of NEPAL, which will gradually cover the whole country. We shall be working by perfect feasibility study and time bound Business Plan, to ensure all the stakeholders to be benefitted through very shortest route.

10. We hope our attempts will fully focus to reduce Poverty and Social Imbalances by creating Awareness, Empowerment, Self-Employment and sustainable lifestyle as required in this era. We of course, will seek to do even more in the coming years by steadfastly focusing on the basics of rural sector development that will emphasizes pro-poor and urban poor people for Social and Financial Inclusion.

11. Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there are challenges, there are opportunities too. So we are determined to leverage the benefits of expansion as we look to grow much in our chosen markets in the coming future, subject to business metrics meeting our targeted milestones.

12. I have already mentioned about inclusive growth as a focus for the company. Through our business initiatives, aided by the exclusive focus laid by a newly established Corporate Social Responsibility team, we hope to make good progress in this regard every year.

13. Our journey Will always focus to build a company that is deep-rooted in its values, in its care for employees and customers, in its endeavor to deliver customers and quality shareholder value that its people develop to their utmost potential and to equip them to face challenges and utilize opportunities .We must prove towards all our stakeholders and beneficiaries that With us, they are always winner, never be looser.

14. For us our solid foundation on which we will build one of the nation's Premier & Unique Institutions by constantly creating mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders; Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Societies and Staff members. We must realize that our success is directly correlated with how successful we are at fostering these stakeholder relationships, so that in every step of our journey together both parties gain, benefit and succeed together.

15. Our team will share common values and culture that help us grow further. The enthusiasm, talent and commitment of our people are the source of our competitive strength which helps in seizing every opportunity. We always aspire to create “A TEAM SPIRIT” as part of our strategic objectives. I hope my past experience of different sectors will be multiplied by the experts of the Company Team members.

16. We are aware that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an investment in society. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will be undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of the way we do business. We believe in giving back to the society by taking initiatives with the intent to positively affect our stakeholders, viz. our customers, shareholders, employees and the society at large.

17. We are as a management team, astutely aware that we live in challenging times and to continue to repeat the strong performance of the Fiscal Year 2016 requires a very disciplined and continuous effort. We shall be driven as a team, by our Vision which is our guiding post to ensure we never go off the rails and are staying the course charted out by our Board and Shareholders. To meet the industrial relations remained harmonious every time.

18. I couldn’t forget to thank Regulatory authorities viz. MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, MINISTRY OF FINANCE, OFFICE OF COMPANY REGISTRAR, SECURITY EXCHANGE BOARD OF NEPAL, NEPAL RASTRA BANK, Our Bankers, Our Investors, Our beneficiaries for their blessings, guidance and continuous support to fulfill our desire.

19. We shall be standing as a very close friend of our clients to survive by achieving the rights provided by the CONSTITUTION of NEPAL, Human Rights Act of NEPAL and other related Laws and guidelines from Governmental Authorities by linking the producer to consumer directly, through the means of new technologies ahead with the high ambition to prove by work and result.

20. In expert’s opinion SUCCESS IS MEASURED NOT ONLY IN MONETARY TERMS, BUT IN THE NUMBER OF 'SMILES' WE WILL BE ABLE TO EARN EVERY DAY. I believe that it is from these smiles that we will, together, build a relationship from which all parties will derive not only economic success, but also a true bond, a partnership, a long term relationship. We must realize that our true strength will be measured not only by analyzing our strong and sustainable business base, but also by our much larger and treasured relationship base.

21. We must be committed to live by our Values of being Service Centric, Transformational, Action Oriented, Result Focused, and Synergistic, or in other words being STARS everyday in everything we do, as we continuously aspire to deliver the very best FIVE STAR COMPANY SAI SARASWATI INVESMENT PRIVATE LIMITED.

22. We remain determined and optimistic of coming back to you with more sustainable quality outcomes in the coming years and we seek your esteemed patronage and of course your custom and feedback.

23. I remain, ‘Proud to be a member of SAI SARASWATI INVESMENT PRIVATE LIMITED. On behalf of the entire SAI SARASWATI MANAGEMENT TEAM I take pride and pleasure and look forward to the opportunity to start on sharing experience that brings together to commence meeting all requirements through the delivery of the HIGHEST STANDARD SERVICES in our SAI SARASWATI MANNER.