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Shyam Dev Yogi


Dear Stakeholders/Beneficiaries,

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce our Integrated Investment Service packages in Finance to our valued clients ranging from consultancy services to bringing in Foreign Direct Investment in the nation for the rapid infrastructural and other development works in Nepal. The one stop solutions to bring the Foreign Direct Investment and to organize the internal Finance for major projects, as our unique proposition in delivering the much needed help to the Entrepreneurs who are ready to materialize their dream projects with the assistance of the life blood of business.

The inception of Sai Saraswati Investment Pvt. Ltd. is the base of situational financial requirements in making prosperous Nepal at the dawn of Economic Revolution after the long and numerous political revolutions. The long awaited Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nepal has been achieved and it has directed us towards the execution part that is to develop the nation. We need large amount of money to construct the infrastructures of the nation for the fast track development as a whole whereas Nepal is also in dire need of financial help to accomplish the new infrastructures for Federal Headquarters.

Nepal needs to invest a lot for the reconstruction of public and private properties with resistant technologies after the devastating earthquake and its after-shocks. Besides, the new infrastructures for the overall development should also be made with decent and appropriate technology costing more investments.

We have come across numerous examples of developing countries in the world making drastic changes in the pace of development injecting trillions of foreign dollars for the fast track development which is our need ahead of us. We can initiate the speedy development for better and prosperous nation through various proven developmental models but we need money.

Nepal is a miniature world in itself with tremendous potentiality in tourism sector being the country of Mount Everest, the Birth place of Gautam Buddha (the founder of Buddhism) and the country of cultural and ethnic diversity with various flora and faunas which could attract millions of tourists touring for Mountain tourism, Agro- tourism, Cultural tourism, Research tourism and the like. But the crux of the matter to create the tourism friendly atmosphere lies in the hefty investments.

The recital phrase at the tip of every Nepalese tongue about the richness of our water resources and potential energy production/generation and commercial returns, demands a vast amount of money for which even a dozens of class A commercial banks could not work together to materialize a small section of the macho potentiality. The recent action of the Government of declaring the energy production sector as critical, only can't help it materializing the tremendous potentiality into energy that needs finance. The figure of 550 MW electricity produced so far is less than the half of the total demand of 1250 MW within the country today and is trifle compared to the potential 83000 MW of electricity.

No one can doubt about the richness of Nepal in natural resources but due to underutilization, we are getting poorer day by day and as a consequence we are migrating (both short and long term) to other countries for employment and better life resulting to the serious stage of labour-drain to brain-drain which are major hurdles to national development. To create employment opportunities within the country for rational employment and earnings domestically to manage a hunger free Nepal, improve the state of malnutrition and to alleviate poverty through decentralization of developmental programmes to the rural targets, we need the life blood of the economy. The economic growth initiated through development, obviously works to great extent to create jobs, self-employment and many other opportunities to generate income to help Nepal prosper.

The history of humanity has always depicted that the well-off have helped the poor and needy in many forms so do the prosperous nations in transferring funds to the developing countries. We are not begging alms in the name of help but we are striving to create the environment of optimum utilization of the under-utilized fund.

The concept of global village and rapid globalization process have harmoniously approved the agreements such as WTO, BIPPA, DITTA and the like help to materialize the fund transfer and globalizing the business. As a result the evolution of Sai Saraswati Investment Pvt. Ltd. can be instrumental to the development of Nepal for which we are endeavouring.

Thank you.

Shyam Dev Yogi