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We are one of Nepal's leading providers of investment funds and management services for individuals, charities, professional groups and business companies. We are here to help you look forward with confidence. We specialize in co-ordinating for FDIs to be invested in our nation for developmental projects.

In order to establish the rapid and sustainable development of Nepal, there is a need to accelerate the investment mechanism through internal and external sources. Since our country has adopted liberal and open market economic development policy, the role of foreign direct investment has been playing significant role and is more demanding in the days ahead. A hefty and very large amount of foreign investment is required for the development of industries, business and infrastructures for example hydro-projects. Considering the fact, a group of Nepalese experts have established Sai Saraswati Investment Private Limited under Company Act 2063. The company aims to bring and mobilize external and internal investment into major developmental projects with viabilities.

  • The Company aims bring Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the major developmental works in Nepal.
  • The Company provides international banking instruments for fund raising.
  • The company will provide technical assistance in bringing the FDIs and mobilizing into profitable projects.
  • The company will help to invest on polytechnic colleges, hospitals, organized housing, hydropower projects, industries etc.
Vision:-To be a leading Investment Company in Nepal.
Mission:-To make Nepal a prosperous country through FDIs.

Our Services

Investment management for hospitals, hydropower projects, industries etc

Professional Groups and Business Companies

Working in partnership with professional groups and business companies.

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